Saturday, October 15, 2011

Re: How is Tuesday for you?

Pretty sure this will wiork. Let you know for sure, soon!

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this tuesday i can't do-  next tuesday is good.  i have drum set bring stool and probably cymbals,  bass rig-  the 1956 fender bassman with 2 ampeq 12's  - and full pa system up

let me know if it works!

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How is Tuesday for you? We usually do Tuesdays and could do this Tuesday or next at 7PM. If that doesn't work, let me know some other dates.
 What do you have for gear in your space? PA, bass rig, drum kit?
I am excited!

Friday, September 16, 2011

set list for tonight

Just Around the Corner
Strong Love
So Fast
True To You
Jah Love
She Said>>>
Call on Jah
Greater Love
How Long
Reggae Music
So Many Stones
Thank You

End of Days

Love in the House

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Last Chance for Discounted Liberate Tix!

Pulse Prophets are offering discounted Liberate tcikets. This is your last chance to get some! Contact us through facebook
Our website is temporarily down, so facebook is the best way to be in touch.
We will be performing at Liberate this Friday, August 19 at 10 PM.
Saturday, the 20th we will be playing the End of Summa Humma, 34 Meeting House Rd, Rockingham VT, 11:30pm- 2am.
This event begins at 10:30am Saturday and runs through Sunday evening.
Tix are $30 and include camping. Sure to be a good time!
So Mykal Rose never showed for our Nectar's gig on the 6th, but we had the best night ever! Hope you were there.
Looking forward to some great music this weekend, and then it's vacation time! I'll be heading off to the northern wilderness in Canada for two weeks of canoeing and adventure.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mykal Rose with Pulse Prophets tonight at Nectar's Burlington!

 Wow, so Mykal Rose, one of the great voices of reggae music is singing with the Pulse Prophets at Nectar's tonight.
For those of you who pick up on my lyrics, you might recognize the line, "I was seventeen my fist reggae show, watchin' Black Uhuru through a cloud of ganja smoke..."  Mykal Rose was the lead vocalist of Black Uhuru. I will never forget that show! Now I get to perform with one of my favorite reggae artists!
 If you are not familiar with Mykal check out Black Uhuru on youtube for the classics.  Mykal Rose is also putting out some great new material such as, "Freedom Must Be Now" with Third World.
  Soul Rebel Project starts the show off at 9PM.  
This is sure to be a great night, hope to see you there!
EliJah/Pulse Prophets

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Coastal Devistation Tour Continued...

We caught the end of Tosh 1's sound check and someone playing banjo in the parking lot. Then it was time to play. We had a good time full on rockaz style!  Members of the Dis-N-Dat band (the backing band for Tosh 1 that night) were groovin' out at the edge of the backstage area. That is always a good sign. We met a lot of people who were very excited about our music after the set.
 Tosh 1 hit the stage singing many of his father's classics and adding a few of his own twists, ending the night with original Tosh1 hip hop and special guests.
Marcus 'Rangotan' Smith of Dis-N-Dat was rockin' the drums with the biggest smile on his face all night. A true reggae drummer! I chilled with Marcus after the show. This is a down to earth Rastamon. We had good conversation, cultivating the positive vibration and will likely be doing shows with Dis-N-Dat in the future.
 Becky and Jeff Clausen were at the show. Claw your family rocks!
 Later that night as we headed to Alex's buddies place, totally exhausted, we were accosted by a drunken fool. This dude was something else. At first we made light of it and laughed it off. Then he started zoning in on me. "Do people take you seriously? (with heavy sarcasm) "You look like a fucking spiders nest." He kept going on and on.... Now I am a person who meditates on peaceful living. I work hard at it because the fact is, I have to. He crossed the line with me and things were headed to a bad place. I will not bother with all the details. Luckily one of his buddies distracted him and it was pretty much over. As he walked away he said "I'm gonna get my gun"
  It has been a long time since the days when I hung out at dancehall parties  where occasionally things would get out of hand and some coked out sketchball would pull a gun, or stab someone. I have been in these situations several times before and  count myself lucky to have come through unscathed. People like this guy amaze me. What a life he must have. Get help man! You are the master of your destiny. You do not have to live a slave to anger, hatred and misery.
 I was fired up and could not sleep. I ended up talking with Alex's buddy Brad until the sun was up. A good man with similar interests as me, I could have kept on talking. With only two hours left before I had to head to the next ferry, it was time to get some sleep.
 Morning, brutal... I cannot sleep in the car or on ferries, so no sleep was had. Off to Block Island and Captain Nicks for the last night of this run. We were expecting a jam packed house and were ready for it, sleep or not. Fifteen minutes before showtime the band outside was rockin' and the audience was roaring! We were psyched. The changeover took a little longer than everyone expected. People filtered out... Sunday night is reggae night down the street every week,  just a stones throw away. A ten piece reggae band from the mainland was pumping out covers of all the classics.  Needless to say we did not end with the triumphant bang we were hoping for. So it goes... We did have a nice intimate crowd (complete with blissed out dude looking like he was having a transcendental experience who gave us the finger when we switched from reggae to funk) that showed us great appreciation after the show. Marc bought us a round of tequilas, and we headed over to check out the other band. The place was packed. We met some other folks who had been at our show and danced for a while. A local dj who had checked us out, got our cd and promised to promote the show next time. He was full of positive feedback and had a very genuine vibe.
 I must say, the people on Block Island were very down to earth and friendly. I look forward to going back.
 All in all it was a good run.
In the music business it is generally thought that saying things that are not all "positive", is bad. Well I am choosing to tell you about the ups and downs because that is reality. I find reality more interesting than  bubble gum promotional type BS and I hope you do too.
 BTW, if anyone has a lap top that is WIFI capable, in useable condition, and would like to donate it, I would be better able to keep up with this blog. You can contact me: at . Make sure to put my name, EliJah in the subject heading. That would be awesome!
Keep the Peace,
Pulse Prophets

Pulse Prophets On the Road

  After having a great week on the road I always find it hard to come home. I want to keep rolling on to new places, meeting new people and rockin' the house with my brothers in the band. Sure there were a few tough moments, but over all it was a really good time.
 Wednesday night we played the Barley Pub in Dover NH. It is kind of a funky hole in the wall place, good beer, interesting paninis and live music. Then we rolled on to Scotty Kings place in MA, had a few beers and crashed out. Thanks Scott!
 The next day we hit a really sweet beach for a couple of hours of swimming and relaxation.
That night we played at the Madfish in Gloucester. The Madfish sits right out on the water and has plenty of room to dance. John Funkhouser of Soul Rebel Project sat in on keyboards for most of our set. That man can bubble! We were also joined by the best horn players I have heard in a long time. Stoo, and Friendship of the Hornitz sat in on several tunes improvising sweet lines and taking a few solos on tenor sax and trombone. I have to admit I was a little hesitant, wanting to keep the show tight and all.From note two my mind was more than at ease, it was in a state of bliss. These guys are top notch pros!
 Soul Rebel Project finished up the night. Mike Francis, lead vocals and rhythm guitar for SRP writes some great lyrics and does not hesitate to take on tough subject matter. He deserves Big Respect in my book. SRP serves up some heavy rockers reggae that gets every body in the place shakin'! We will be playing more shows together in the future. Make sure to check them out!
 Friday night we hit the Falmouth Raw Bar.  Now I have to admit that this one was a bit tough. The load in was tight and the playing area too. We also played at the lowest volume we possibly could and they were still asking us to turn down. The Pulse Prophets are a dance oriented band that relies on bumpin' bass and drums to get the place jumpin".  You can probably imagine what it was like for us to play at background music volume. The crowd was louder than we were and not very responsive. Never the less we give BIG THANKS to Billy theONE for hooking us up with this gig which helped us out on the green side. Seriously, it made the difference between coming back in the black verses the red.
 That night we stayed at the Budney family home. Alex's dad took me out earlier that day looking at some ponds and lakes where I might find some small fish that I am interested in. Yeah I am a super geek, into native non game fish and aquascaping. If you are wondering what I am talking about you can look up my facebook page and check my photos. Anyway, I went back to one of the lakes after the gig in search of Madtoms and Banded Sunfish. I caught the most beautiful Bullhead I have ever seen with a metallic gold body and black edged fins, but had to let him go as I do not have room in any of my tanks for another fish that gets that big. No madtoms or sunfish were found, but I did manage to get wrapped up in spider webs and fall into a mucky hole. Good Times, Good Times! I got back at about 5 AM and slept a few hours before we had to hit the road again. Thanks to the Budneys for putting us up, feeding us, and their all around hospitality.
 On the road again, heading to one of my old hang out spots, Martha's Vineyard. I used to get together with a big crew of friends at the end of every summer there. My friend Kim's Grandmother lived on the island and let us pitch our tents in the yard and hang out for a week. Those were really good times. I always get nostalgic when I go back. Gram, as we called her has gone on so we gather there no more. Big up to the Vineyard crew! I miss you guys and hope you are all well. One day we'll all get together again.
 We set up and sound checked at Nectar's MV. Then Rudy and I headed to my favorite beach, Claw and Jolly headed to the office to catch up with work. After beach time, we took a bus to Edgartown and ran to Mad Martha's for ice cream with fifteen minutes before the next bus back to Nectar's. We cruised back to the terminal as the bus was rolling up. I said to the bus driver, "You do not leave for seven more minutes right?" (no food is allowed on the bus) She says, "Are you telling me or asking?" She was a sassy one! "Asking" She laughs, "eat your ice cream." I managed to get in the last bite just in time to get on the bus. Love that coconut ice cream! When we were getting near Nectar's the driver asked with a knowing tone, "Anyone here going to Nectar's?" she dropped us off at the end of the driveway. There is no bus stop there.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pulse Prophets Auditioning Keyboard Players

Last weekend we played outside of Philly at a private high school called the Hill School. The drive was long but riding with the Prophets is a rolling comedy adventure. I am often amazed at how much fun we have on our longer road trips. It was sunny and warm, the trees and the grass were green, it was a good break from VT were the leaves are just starting to pop out. The kids were great and we had a blast.
The Claw's family put us up for the weekend and gave us the royal treatment. We have never had it so good! Much thanks to Jeff and Becky Clausen!

On to new Growth. Bands are organic living things, and when they stop growing they start dying.
We had reached a plateau a few months back and progress was grinding to a halt. For some time it seemed to me that our keyboard player, Andric's heart was not really in it any more. He was looking for something from the band that he wasn't getting, and the band was needing from him what he could not give.
Well, I have been friends with Andric and playing music with him for a very long time, so it was a tough call. The toughest call I have made in a long time. We got together and talked about it. It was very obvious to both of us right from the beginning of the conversation that we were on the same wave length. That was good. So Andric has moved on to focus on other musical projects, and we are looking for a new keyboard player.
If you are interested in auditioning send us an email at Include links to music you may have online. What we need from a keyboard player is a solid bubble (roots reggae keyboard rhythm),solid melody, excited to travel around and play, and a great attitude!
Since Andric has left I have started playing guitar in the band. It feels good to be playing again, but after years of not playing reggae music on the guitar I find my rhythm is a bit rusty. I think it adds a bit of garage band flavor to the band. Hmm, well people are diggin' it so maybe that is a good thing?
I know fans may be bummed by Andric's departure. We all miss him, his dubby synth sounds, and his bubbling organ. What can I say, change is good, we move on, we grow. Who knows what will come? I for one am totally excited to see what is around the corner.
A new cd is around the corner. Looks like we are done mixing finally and sending it out to be mastered this coming week. Andric is on keys, and Myra Flynn sang some lovely harmony vocals on it too.
The live cd is next!
This Friday The Prophets will be playing Nectar's in Burlington VT, at 11:30PM. I believe our former drummer and current part time bongo man J-bird Pfeil will be joining us for this show. Go J-bird. Squawk! The band Fink will be kicking off the show at 9:30.
Saturday we will be playing the Village Tavern in Jeffersonville Vt, 8-11PM. Rumor has it our good friend Deva might show up with his sax.
Hope to see you soon.
Keep the Peace,